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Street Teams

Who we are...

Greetings from The Official Melanie C Street Teams! We are a group of teams chosen by Melanie’s management to support her music and career on the ground in our individual countries, territories and around the world. Currently there are ten street teams from ten different countries and territories. Asia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Each team is composed of qualified and dedicated Melanie C fans who cover many areas of expertise, so that we are able to deliver the best possible Melanie C fan experience.


Our mission is to unite and grow the Melanie C fan base in our countries and around the world by working under the direction of Melanie’s management team to bring you official Melanie C content. Through exciting campaigns and initiatives, we will be delivering a richer, more interactive fan experience, bringing Melanie closer to all of her fans around the world!


As well as delivering these fan experiences, we will be supporting all official Melanie C promotional initiatives with our online presence. We will be reaching out to our fan database to support Melanie in all areas, such as social media, traditional media, streaming and downloading, ticket sales, meet and greets, merchandise and more. Your support means everything to us and because we are working under the direction of Melanie’s management, we will be bringing your opinions about relevant matters to the attention of management, when necessary.


We are honoured to be a part of this wonderful project and we will be working very hard to create a global network where we can all work together to support and spread Melanie’s work to a wider audience! You can show your support by following and engaging with us on all of The Official Melanie C Street Team social media accounts and websites. Join us on our mission to support Melanie’s career and unite fans worldwide!


The Official Melanie C Street Teams